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For nearly 20 years, Sino-Consulting has been helping U.S. Companies achieve their business goals in China - ahead of plan by increasing their China Sales through China Sales Agents, China distribution and China marketing.

About Sino Consulting The Sino Consulting Team
History of Sino Consulting We began in 1988 as a joint venture between two world class research parks - the University City Science Center in Philadelphia and the Kyoto Research Park (KRP) in Japan.
Sino Consulting Offices Headquartered near Philadelphia, U.S.A., SCI has rep. offices, joint ventures and partners in Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Weihai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Xi’an.
Sino Consulting Sales SCI's 6-Step Sales Development Model sales representation model corrects the problems we have seen again and again with traditional China sales rep organizations.
Sino Consulting WFOE's SCI's 9-Step WFOE Process can help you get your China WFOE up and operating inexpensively and ahead of plan.
Sino Consulting Sourcing SCI's 10-Step Sourcing Process is the key to quickly and safely tapping into China manufacturers.
Sino Consulting Market Research The whole point of the international market entry process we have developed is to be systematic.
Sino Consulting Joint Ventures SCI's 9-Step Joint Venture Process can help you get your China JV up and operating with the right partner and ahead of plan.
Sino Consulting Clients Our clients have included large multinational companies such as Kodak, Hewlett-Packard and MCI. We work mostly, however, with medium-sized companies with whom we develop long-term relationships.
Client Feedback Sino Consulting client feedback.
Industries Since 1988, SCI has conducted nearly 400 projects for some 90 companies, including Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-sized companies.
Project Abstracts Sino Consulting project abstracts.
Quick Answers SCI has been working in China for over 16 years. Let us know what issues you face and we'll be glad to try to help.
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