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Project Abstracts

Client Company SCI Services in China
AB&I Corporation
  • Nationwide market and competitive analysis of cast soil pipe market. Profile key players, pricing, exports, technology, partner identification
  • Represent AB&I with several key players in moving toward one or more alliances with China producers

"I thought the quality of work that SCI did for us was so tremendous! Before I'd do anything in China, you would be my first phone call." (See "Client Feedback" for more.)

Accuride Corporation
  • Nationwide market and competitive research, partner search, and strategy support related to truck wheels
  • JV development assistance
Alcatel RFS Conducted multiple projects over 3 years. Provided comprehensive assistance in setting up a wholly owned operation from scratch in China, including:
  • Site selection
  • Supplier search, screening and qualification
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Help with Chinese law and regulations
  • Market information
  • C.O.O. recruitment

"The most important decision I made before venturing off to Asia was partnering with SCI…" (See "Client Feedback" for more.)

American Railcar Industries

Nationwide market research, competitive analysis and strategy related to the railroad industry, especially focusing on production and consumption of tankers, hoppers and intermodals

  • Nationwide market and competitive analysis and strategy for new technology in boiler corrosion protection technology
  • Power industry structure and projections, technology & trends. Pollution control technologies and investment, maintenance policies & timing, pricing, positioning
  • Target customer lists
Claremont Flock Corp
  • Several projects in China. Provided JV negotiation assistance with Hong Kong/Chinese company & successfully increased equity share for US side
  • Provided critical market and competitive intelligence which led to cancellation of this JV; company credits SCI with saving them from a huge and costly mistake
  • Sourced raw material and finished product from Chinese companies, negotiated prices, monitored quality, shipment, etc. (currently on-going)
  • Helped negotiate successful joint venture

"I want to thank you for the terrific job you did for CFC…" (See "Client Feedback" for more.)

DelStar, Inc.
  • Guided and assisted in setting up extrusion WFOE near Shanghai, including site search and qualification, company definitions, capital structure, filing paperwork, working with local government, registrations, importing equipment, and recruiting GM.

"Their expertise assured our success…" (See "Client Feedback" for more.)


Nationwide study of market and competition related to hand pieces. Included development of dental care in China, technology, pricing, opportunities in the chair sector, and possible partnerships

Eaton Electric

Nationwide market research related to medium voltage switchgear. Foreign & domestic competition, pricing, target alliances, key target markets, target customer lists

  • Nationwide market research, competitive analysis and strategy related to specialty steel production, consumption and trends in the aerospace and power industries
  • Direct sales representation
Ellwood National Crankshaft
  • Nationwide market research and strategy development for long term positioning in marine diesel engine market
  • Joint venture strategy, development, negotiations
  • Direct sales representation for medium speed crankshafts
Gastite (General Electric)
  • Nationwide research, competitive analysis of market for flexible gas hose for residential and commercial construction. Identified critical usage parameters; got company involved in national standard setting process
  • Identified key potential partners, opened negotiations
  • Recruited initial representative
Hale Products
  • Nationwide market research and strategy recommendations
  • Analysis of China's fire truck market, fire pump market & competition, rescue equipment, etc.
  • Best strategy related to management of an existing JV in China
Kodak Polychrome Graphics
  • Provided in-depth, China-wide market and competitive analysis, as well as personally screened candidate partners
  • Based on this information, conducted SWOT analysis and recommended optimum strategy and options

"I want to thank you for the remarkable work you did for us in China…" (See "Client Feedback" for more.)

K-Tron Corporation
  • Multiple projects; Nationwide market research and strategy for plastics processing equipment
  • Acquisition of private company in China and conversion to a WFOE, including local negotiations, due diligence, market definition, accounting reconciliation, registrations, initial hiring

"We would not be where we are today without your assistance and hard work." (See "Client Feedback" for more.)

Latrobe Specialty Steel

Nationwide market research, competitive analysis and strategy related to specialty steel production, consumption and trends in the aerospace and power industries

  • Several projects in China
  • Provided detailed market intelligence needed to determine whether to set up production in country

Client said this "excellent job" gave them what they needed to finalize their strategy.

Martin Engineering

Nationwide market research, competitive analysis and strategy related to materials handling and conveying in the power, mining and cement industries

Multinational Industrial automation & equipment Company
  • Major project to increase "footprint" of company in China
  • Brought leading industry experts in China
  • Two tier partner search: Tier 1 identified top 100 companies in various fields of interest. After company review and selection, in-depth tier 2 interviews with leading companies
  • Step 3 is company visits with strongest candidate partners
  • Step 4 is negotiation and closure
Orcon Corp.
  • Many projects over the years. Provided market and competitive analysis, as well as personally screened partners, and recommended market entry strategy
  • Sourced key products over a 3-year period, where extensive product development and investment was required on the China side
  • Set up sales relationships with other organizations for their tapes and tools
  • This led logically to a joint venture for which SCI conducted the feasibility study, developed the JV contract and negotiated the structure
Pennsylvania Crusher Corp.
  • Conducted market and competitive analysis and recommended strategy for this manufacturer of large-footprint coal crushing equipment for CFB boilers
  • Hired sales engineer and began marketing and competitive bidding to major utilities nationwide
  • In less than one year, gained nearly equal market share with the deeply embedded market leader from Germany

"I can honestly say that without their help, entering new markets would be a more risky, difficult, and costly." (See "Client Feedback" for more.)

PQ Corporation Several major studies throughout China. Market & policy analysis related to use of 4A zeolite in cleaning compounds; Sodium silicate analysis; identify JV candidates.

"SCI's knowledge of what to ask and their ability to interpret the resulting data were invaluable…" (See "Client Feedback" for more.)


Training management software company. Nationwide study of growth and type of corporate training programs and how they are managed. Competitive profiles and profiles of strong candidate partners.

Teleflex, Sermatech
  • Conducted many projects over the years in the turbine, power, and aviation markets
  • Nationwide study of technical industrial coatings for corrosion/erosion protection
  • Detailed analysis of certain key aspects of the gas power market
  • Analyzed market and competition for certain aviation equipment, and screened the very best JV/acquisition targets so that it could "hit the ground running" in China
  • Included SWOT analysis and strategy recommendations

"SCI's knowledge of markets in China and understanding of the issues there have been extremely valuable…" (See "Client Feedback" for more.)

  • Conducted comprehensive review of the huge and complex telecom messaging market, including trends and projections, chief competitors and their market positions, and candidate partners who had been personally qualified by us
  • Recommended a market entry strategy which is currently under review
Wasik Associates
  • Nationwide market and competitive analysis for sophisticated electron beam processing systems for molecular cross-linking of polymers
  • Sales representation to penetrate the cable industry and others
Waukesha Bearings
  • Conducted market and competitive analysis and recommended strategy for this major producer of highly specialized and engineered journal bearings
  • Hired sales engineer and began marketing to major heavy industry in China (e.g. turbine manufacturers)
  • In 3 years, gained #1 market share for this type of imported bearing in China

"With SCI's support, we were able to grow share quickly and achieve a dominant position in the highly-engineered fluid film bearing market." (See "Client Feedback" for more.)

Xy Enterprise
  • Sophisticated publishing software. Nationwide market analysis of publishing practices of large companies that have many related products and user manuals
  • Identified & profiled strong candidate partners


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