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Low-cost, high quality China Suppliers

China has become the "world's workshop." SCI's 10-Step Sourcing Process is the key to quickly and safely tapping into China manufacturers. Increasingly, Western companies are seeking low-cost China suppliers in order to remain competitive and profitable. But the sourcing process is not as simple as many think; there are many challenges can cause costly mistakes in both time and money. In response to these challenges, SCI has developed a clearly defined Process, shown below, built on our long experience in the field.

Key issues

We understand the key issues in China sourcing because we have dealt with them many times, and we have people on the ground in China to address them for you. Here are the key issues you must consider when looking for a China manufacurer:

  • Best prices
  • High, consistent quality
  • Reliable supply
  • Financing & ownership of dies & molds
  • Non-compete
  • IP protection
  • Best logistics

We represent your interests and only your interests. We provide you with prices direct from the China manufacturer with no mark-ups. Your people will communicate directly with the China suppliers we recommend as well as with our own staff who are managing the project both here and in China. Our profit comes only from an agreed-upon commission from you.

We manage the entire Process out of our offices in China. This is done based on a US-based contract, so that performance and fiscal accountability rests here in the US. This can save you a great deal of time, money and headache as we work through our well-established and trusted networks in China.


Our China sourcing networks comprise our own offices and staff, our strategic alliance with the nationwide Science and Technology Commission, as well as private corporate and investment groups all along the coast and in-land as far as Chengdu. We've been sourcing products and components in China for US companies for many years. For example:

  • Aluminum die castings
  • Carpet installation tools
  • Component processors
  • DVD players
  • Electronic components
  • Electroplaters
  • Fasteners
  • Flocking fiber
  • High-end flashlights
  • Lighting components
  • Office supplies
  • Plastic extrusions
  • Pump housings
  • Sheet metal
  • Spray painters
  • Titanium carbide
  • Transformers

Give us a call to discuss your particular interests.

SCI's 10-Step Sourcing Process

SCI's 10-Step Sourcing Process

Pudong area in Shanghai, China
Pudong area in Shanghai, China

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