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SCI History

SCI understands international business because of our own international origins. We began in 1988 as a joint venture between two world class research parks - the University City Science Center in Philadelphia and the Kyoto Research Park (KRP) in Japan. We learned international business from the inside.

Dr. Timothy Weckesser negotiated the original SCI deal with the Osaka Gas Company, developer of KRP, and opened the US office at the Science Center in Philadelphia. In 1992, Dr. Weckesser brought on board his old friend and business associate, Shiqiang Gu, to develop business with China for the company, in addition to the policy research that was being performed for the Japanese government. Mr. Gu came out of the nationwide Science and Technology Commission network with his base in Tianjin.

China quickly became the firm's chief focus as we performed work for multinationals like Kodak, Alcatel, Teleflex, Lonza, Sud Chemie, Unisys, and numerous mid-sized companies. Today we have a network of employees and alliances throughout mainland China with skills in sales, sourcing, joint and new venture development, and market and competitive analysis for turnkey market entry strategies.

In 1998, management was asked to take over company ownership and development and become a "spin-out" from UCSC. While maintaining close ties with both founding "parent" science parks, we have gone on to focus more and more on doing business with China, while continuing our policy research work though our Japanese equity partner, IBT Corporation. Today, SCI is a full service, employee-owned firm which has performed nearly 400 projects for some 90 companies. We are proud that all of our clients are happy to serve as references for us.


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