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China Sales Representation

Full-time, dedicated reps, with US-based management and accountability

SCI's 6-Step Sales Development Model sales representation model corrects the problems we have seen again and again with traditional China sales rep organizations. For example:
  • Traditional China sales reps do not just work for you; they represent many companies and products and they tend to sell what is hot today.

  • They can be difficult to communicate with, and even disappear without an explanation. (We have personally seen this happen, allowing competitors to take over the market.)

  • They protect their sources, so you are never quite sure, because they serve multiple companies, proper training is often a problem.
  • You have little recourse if something goes wrong.
SCI Model

Our Model solves these problems for your benefit. Here are its key characteristics:

  • Dedicated China sales reps working only for you
    This is the key! Your rep develops business only for you, and carries only your business card. He does not represent ten other products as well. So there is consistent market focus, and effective training can be arranged with few problems.

  • US-based management and performance accountability
    Your China sales develop in partnership with a US company under US law. To make changes or address any issues in this huge but distant market, you need only call SCI locally.

  • Transparency
    We represent your interest only, not the buyer's interest. There are no mark-ups, no secret sources or hidden agendas or price manipulation. We tell you what we're doing, give you all of the contacts so you get to know the market directly. We are true partners in market development.

  • No Chinese legal or bureaucratic issues to deal with
    You do not have to deal with trans-Pacific rep contracts, wire transfers, salaries, benefits, logistics, the local business culture and legal matters, etc. This is all managed by SCI.

  • No need for an expensive rep office
    Your AFP rep(s) can be based in one of our existing offices in China, saving you a great deal of time, money and administrative headache. When the time is right, we will manage the establishment of your own rep office or company.

  • Smooth communications
    If you have dealt with overseas agents, you know how important this is. Trying to fix problems with traditional reps 1000s of miles away can be frustrating, time consuming and costly. We solved these problems. Communications on specifying, technical issues, etc. are directly between you and your SCI rep in China, but SCI is constantly there to make sure that misunderstandings and problems are quickly resolved. If there's a bid issue, or language problem, or legal issue, or an exciting new product to offer, or anything else, you can manage it with a local US call.
SCI Experience

We have helped both Waukesha Bearings (fluid film bearings, ( and Pennsylvania Crusher (coal crushers, ( achieve number 1 market share in China with millions of dollars in sales. We also helped Ellwood National Crankshaft ( close millions of dollars in crankshaft sales for marine diesel engines in the very first year of operations in China. Jay Burnette, Director, Business Development & Engineering for Waukesha Bearings, said "SCI has been an invaluable partner to Waukesha Bearings in China. With SCI's support, Waukesha Bearings was able to grow share quickly and achieve a dominant position in the highly–engineered fluid film bearing market." And Andy Mikula, Director of International Sales for Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation, said, "I can honestly say that without SCIís help, entering new markets would be more risky, difficult, and costly. I consider SCI an indispensable partner in the pursuit of new markets and business opportunities." We know markets, and we bring this knowledge to sales. We've performed market analysis and strategy work for numerous companies, including Kodak, Unisys, Alcatel, Sartomer, Lonza, Teleflex, and numerous mid–sized companies. And we've worked in a wide variety of markets: power machinery, utilities, chemicals, telecommunications, aviation, pharmaceuticals and others. Check what our references say about us and then give us a call.

Proven Process

Based on our experience, it pays to be systematic. We have deep experience with our own international market entry process and we carry this over into a systematic approach to China sales. Here are the normal steps we follow and a typical timeline. Since you don't have to worry about rep offices, bureaucracy, and communication difficulties, we can get sales going faster.

SCI's 6-Step Sales Development Process

SCI's 6-Step Sales Development Process

Machine Sales Award for 2008
SCI receives '$3,000,000+ Machine Sales Award' for the year 2008 from Pennsylvania Crusher Corp.

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